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She's Late

She's Late

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She's Late, a film by Gyula Noesis (2016) with Shivabel Cœurnoir & Gyula Noesis // shot by Gyula Noesis // edited by Gyula Noesis

Review published on April 22nd, 2022 on by Phobos Anomaly:

"An escort girl wanders alone by night, then stumbles upon a lunatic psycho. 
Captured, gagged and tied, she's dragged to the staircase of a seemingly abandoned building, and becomes his toy for the rest of the night.

Disclaimer: I've seen this short during a festival dedicated to extreme, underground, and deviant cinema. Not the usual Disney roster, obviously. That being said, this was probably the most outrageous and repulsive film screened that night. What sounds like a winner in this context, however, proved itself to be just a bit too much above the disturbing-entertainment line for a part of the audience. Very mixed reactions were heard, despite the full-awareness of the targeted public. Honestly, it's not difficult to understand why.

The director mentioned that Shivabel Cœurnoir, the female lead, gave her consent and had understood her role, which I believe. Yet, she was submitted to such extreme sequences and perversions that she ended up crying for thirty minutes straight… A recorded moment, ending up in the final film, untouched, for authenticity's sake. That says a lot about how intense this short is, and how much I can't recommend it to everyone. As I've said before, this is extreme.

Did I say it was borderline pornographic and rapey too? 
Sorry, my bad. Twenty-six minutes of humiliations, slaps, strangulations, penetrations and psychological violences. One hell of a ride.
You'd be right to question the artistic value of a short like "She's Late", but may I ask: when does entertainment stop, to become straight abuse? And, for whom?

I believe Gyula Noesis when he states that this was just a performance between agreeing adults.
To me, "She's Late" is just a depiction of extremely deviant kinks I'm not familiar with, as I prefer to get laid listening to Venom's "Black Metal" with the local goth girl, instead of inserting a miniature tank's canon in her sacred hole."

Comment by vic_9:

"Honestly, that sounds... horrible. And I love some dark ass art, but that just sounds needless and... yeah, horrible."

Answer by Phobos Anomaly:

"It really is. I wasn't sure how to rate this, since it's too realistic to "enjoy", and too outrageous to defend. Out of the festival context, that's not something I'd watch, even less rewatch. The director has an online gallery of films, photographies, and various projects which is a bit more "artistic" than this, but just as deviant. Quite a weird mind."

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