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[miscellaneous] (2017)

iZone - Kiev, Ukraine

Coschey - Kiev, Ukraine

with Fecalove, at Freakout - Bologna, Italy

with Alexei Borisov and Katya Rekk, at Eto Ne Zdes - Moscow, Russia

with Anton Kolosov and many others, and then, later, solo, at Zagranica - Moscow, Russia

with Alexei Borisov and Anton Kolosov, at Ground art gallery - Moscow, Russia

Doppelgänger, with Olga Sergeeva (2017)

M17 art gallery - Kiev, Ukraine

Ground art galleryMoscow, Russia

for Trap (2015)

Brutal Assault festival, Josefov Fortress - Jaroměř, Czech Republic

I X U (2014)

Is It my World?, Spazio K - Prato, Italy


Pain Management (2011)

Plano B - Lapa, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

(based on Boccace's Decameron)

Dentro! performance festival, Le Murate - Florence, Italy


Wet Opinions (2010)

Lenz Rifrazioni - Parma, Italy


with Nico Vascellari (November 8th, 2009 — Monologo senza titolo)

Cavallerizza Reale, Artissima 16, Turin, Italy


Public Intimacy (2009)

Raum - Bologna, Italy

FAF - Florence, Italy


with Fecalove, AKA Nicola Vinciguerra

Locomotiv Club - Bologna, Italy

Siddharta Club - Prato, Italy


with Kinkaleri

Italienischer Theaterherbst, Sophiensäle - Berlin, Germany

Teatro della Tosse - Genova, Italy

Prospettiva 2, Maneggio Reale - Turin, Italy

Arena del Sole - Bologna, Italy

Italia Wave, Fortezza Vecchia - Livorno, Italy

Art Fall Ferrara Contemporanea, Teatro comunale - Ferrara, Italy

Santarcangelo theater festival - Santarcangelo di Romagna, Italy

Contemporanea 08 festival, Teatro Fabbricone - Prato, Italy


The Nothing to Shit Show (2008)

West Germany art gallery - Berlin, Germany


[unnamed projects]

Stella Bar - Berlin, Germany

G11 art gallery - Berlin, Germany

Maxime Ballesteros' exhibition at Lucas Carrieri art gallery, with Merlin Ettore - Berlin, Germany


with Dominique Viger (2004-2005)

L’Épicerie - Marseille, France

Le Moulin - Marseille, France

L’Embobineuse - Marseille, France


with Jean-Louis Costes (2002-2003)

[N/A] - Hickory, North Carolina, USA

Churchill’s Hideaway - Miami, Florida, USA

Eyedrum - Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Shirley Street Station - Nashville, Tennessee, USA

[N/A] - Saint Louis, Missouri, USA

[N/A] - Columbia, Missouri, USA

Monkey Mania - Denver, Colorado, USA

The Smell - Los Angeles, California, USA

Hero Inn - Oakland, California, USA

Edinburgh Castle - San Francisco, California, USA

Enteractive Language Festival, International Club Mummy - Portland, Oregon, USA

Art Space - Detroit, Michigan, USA

Nottingham Co-op - Madison, Wisconsin, USA

The Church - Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

Buddy - Chicago, Illinois, USA

Bug Jar - Rochester, New York, USA

Tarantula Hill - Baltimore, Maryland, USA

Orphanage - New York City (Brooklyn), New York, USA

Jeff the Pigeon - Allentown, Pennsylvania, USA

Civic Center - Providence, Rhode Island, USA

Teatr Cogitatur - Katowice, Poland

Fuck You Festival, Schl8hof - Wels, Austria

Jardin Moderne - Rennes, France

A-Zero - Geneva, Switzerland

L’Embobineuse - Marseille, France

Gabrio - Turin, Italy

L’Atelier - Montpellier, France

Machine à Coudre - Marseille, France

Machine Utile - Annecy, France

Café 9 - Saint-Étienne, France

Red Rose Club - London, England

Brudenell Social Club - Leeds, England

Bongo Club - Edinburgh, Scotland

Schiller Oper - Hamburg, Germany

Ausland - Berlin, Germany

WUK - Vienna, Austria

Bierstindl Theater - Innsbruck, Austria

Totem - Nancy, France

Casamance - La Rochelle, France

Vauban Hotel - Brest, France

Salle Emeraude - Bressuire, France

Mondo Bizarro - Rennes, France

Caf’teur - Limoges, France

[N/A] - Metz, France

L’Usine - Paris, France

La Scène - Pau, France

[N/A] - Clermont-Ferrand, France

Zoobizarre - Bordeaux, France

Clandé - Toulouse, France

Myrys - Toulouse, France

Arts et Toits - Paris, France

Instants Chavirés - Paris, France

400 Couverts - Grenoble, France

13 - Lyon, France

Odd Pop festival, Löss Theater - Maastricht, Holland

AKI - Enschede, Holland

Magasin 4 - Brussels, Belgium

Chez Zelle - Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium

La Zone - Liège, Belgium

Jokelson - Dunkirk, France

Zone de Confusion - Lille, France

Batofar - Paris, France

Local Universel - Bordeaux, France


Masked Jackal, with Xavier Chevalier (2000)

Le Faubourg art gallery (currently Syndicat Potentiel) - Strasbourg, France

[unnamed projects]

Stimultania art gallery - Strasbourg, France

École supérieure des Arts décoratifs - Strasbourg, France

with Bongoût (currently Beuys on Sale, AKA Gfeller + Hellsgård) [this is a non-exhaustive list]

Musée d’Art moderne et contemporain - Strasbourg, France 

Noumatrouff - Mulhouse, France

as lead singer of Process 187, a punk hardcore band (1996) [this is a non-exhaustive list]

La Laiterie - Strasbourg, France

[N/A] - Kehl, Germany

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