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Utter Dance _ w/ Irina

Utter Dance _ w/ Irina

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Utter Dance _ w/ Irina, a film by Gyula Noesis (2021) with Irina & Gyula // shot by ÉdB & Gyula Noesis // edited by Gyula Noesis // music by Gyula Noesis (Scratchin' 1, 2, 3 & 4 ; Relational Lubricant 1 ; Parasympathetic) & Fecalove (untitled)

The Utter Dance project cuddles the ambition to become a documentation of uncivilized and mute radical dialogs of healthy violence, of unsafe gentleness. Utter Dance is the expression of a liberating mental completion. Utter Dance is heterosexual* intercourses filmed as dance sessions. Utter Dance is two psyches with as will that to consume each other. Utter Dance is tight bodies, taut minds, animated by strong personalities likely to alternately impose themselves during a sustained physical as well as telepathic conversation. Utter Dance is non-narrative and non-chronological aesthetic collages of pornographic** video shots. Penetrations are performed without condoms***.


Utter Dance’s principles are similar of those of Contact Improvisation, developed worldwide by Steve Paxton and others since 1972, but without hypocritically bypassing the presence of the sexual attributes. Analogue black-and-white photographs of the individuals in confrontation will also be taken. The final product will be broadcasted as part of art exhibitions. Sources of inspiration: Matthew Barney, Paul McCarthy, David Lynch, Francis Bacon, Egon Schiele, Arnulf Rainer, Hans Bellmer, Caravaggio, Georges Bataille, Antoine d'Agata, Nobuyoshi Araki.


History of art is all about the same few themes which summarized are our will to be and remain, and also our suffering — and the consequent animosity — caused by the social contract of submission to the general interest (agreement required by a society who helps us to remain but prevents us to be); thus, for an artist, the only way to be genuinely radical****, is to display intercourses, because sex, that Arthur Schopenhauer considered to be the principle of creation, is the only subject who, at a such high level, contains life instincts as well as death drive. Any other topic is tantamount to beating around the bush.


Candidates for the Utter Dance project should be familiar with contemporary art achievements and with their own body (through a dance, performance, or acting practice). They are encouraged to bring with them pictures of their childhood and teenage years, in order to present their not much self-censored time to the host (the host, i.e. myself, will do the same for his guests). Non-tattooed guests are preferred.


Currently, the shootings take place in Strasbourg, France, lasting one whole week. Travel expenses will be covered, and an accommodation will be provided.

* Because the reproductive concern must be invited to join the trance.
** Not strictly speaking "pornographic", because Utter Dance does not follow the specific rules of pornography and has no intention of bringing the audience to a climax.
*** Negative Sexually Transmitted Diseases tests needed from both sides.
**** Enjoying a limited lifetime, it would be absurd to consecrate ourselves to else than what is radical.

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